Tradition and culinary culture

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    years ago Villa Aiala was built, the stately home where our establishment is housed

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    of Karlos Arguiñano's children run the Hotel KA

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    restaurant reservations, 12 hotel reservations and thousands of satisfied customers

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    was the year the building became a hotel-restaurant

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    dishes served daily: starters, meat, fish and desserts

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    are the number of stars our charming hotel has been awarded with

Hotel KA initial steps

Karlos and Luisi, a key factor in Arguiñano's family and business, opened the restaurant on 13 July 1979. The hotel had to wait until 1990. The two upper floors of the building, a sandstone castle with wonderful views of the sea in Zarautz, were transformed into 12 guestrooms, four of them ideally facing the beach.

In 1990, Karlos Arguiñano appeared for the first time on ETB. That year marked the beginning of his successful TV career. It was then that he passed all the responsibilities of the business on to five of his children. Since then, they have been wisely supported by the driving force behind the business, Luisi, who ensures that guests are satisfied.

Coffee house, hotel and restaurant under the same roof

Eneko, Karlos's eldest son, is the maître d'hôtel, the head of the dining room. Zigor, Eneko's junior, is the chef. He's assisted by María, Karlos and Luisi's adopted daughter, who's the pastry cook. Martín is in charge of the coffee house and the youngest brother, Joseba, is the head of the patisserie.

Joseba has inherited the talent of his aunt Eva, who used to be the pastry chef at the restaurant in Villa Aiala. Joseba is the head of the bakery and pastry department. He opened his own patisserie in 2013 on Kale Nagusia in Zarautz.